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Bhattacharjee, Sushil; Marcel, Sébastien


This dataset contains images of 5 subjects. The images have been captured using the Intel Realsense SR300 camera, and the Xenics Gobi thermal camera. The SR300 returns 3 kinds of data: color (RGB) images, near-infrared (NIR) images, and depth information.

For four subjects (subject1 – subject4), images have been captured with both cameras under two conditions:

  • 1with the face visible, and
  • with the subject wearing a rigid (resin-coated) mask

Each subject has used 3 sets of rigid masks (corresponding to three identities (‘id0’, ‘id1’, ‘id2’, not necessarily corresponding to the subjects in this dataset), with two masks (‘mask0’, ‘mask1’) per identity.


For subject5, data has been captured using both cameras under two conditions:

  • with the face visible
  • with the subject wearing a flexible (silicone) mask resembling subject5.

For each combination (subject, camera, condition), several seconds of video have been captured, and the video-frames have been stored in uncompressed form (in .png) format.

All images in .png format have been captured at a resolution of 640x480 pixels.



If you use this database, please cite the following publication:

Sushil Bhattacharjee and Sébastien Marcel, "What you can't see can help you -- extended-range imaging for 3Dmask presentation attack detection", BIOSIG2017.

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