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QutEcoacoustics/audio-analysis: Ecoacoustics Audio Analysis Software v20.10.1.58

Michael Towsey; Anthony Truskinger; Mark Cottman-Fields; Paul Roe

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<oai_dc:dc xmlns:dc="" xmlns:oai_dc="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation="">
  <dc:creator>Michael Towsey</dc:creator>
  <dc:creator>Anthony Truskinger</dc:creator>
  <dc:creator>Mark Cottman-Fields</dc:creator>
  <dc:creator>Paul Roe</dc:creator>
  <dc:description>Version v20.10.1.58
Compare v20.10.0.3...v20.10.1.58

cc619074 dependabot-preview[bot] - Bump CsvHelper from 15.0.6 to 15.0.8
224f4e5f dependabot-preview[bot] - Bump System.IO.Abstractions from 12.2.5 to 12.2.7
724aee85 dependabot-preview[bot] - Bump Microsoft.Extensions.Configuration from 3.1.8 to 3.1.9
466757e6 dependabot-preview[bot] - Bump Microsoft.Extensions.Configuration.Json from 3.1.8 to 3.1.9
53d4cf66 dependabot-preview[bot] - Bump System.IO.Abstractions from 12.2.1 to 12.2.5
625ed67e towsey - (#370) Update two config files
ea1f1dbe towsey - Improve result on Cisticola recognizer test. Now get 19 TP detections
282d5a33 towsey - (#370) Fix Boobook Owl test
28c2eda0 towsey - (#370) Fix unit test for Cisticola
2b417829 towsey - (#370) Add new filter method to generic filters
53e9c4dc towsey - (#370) Fix unit test for Australasian Pipit.
dee47b7a towsey - (#370) Revise unit tests for the Bittern
773181de towsey - (#370) Change the filter for syllable sequences
55ddfad3 towsey - (#370) Update GenericRecognizer.cs
c4b01133 towsey - Update NormalDist.cs
ea810744 towsey - (#370) Update Towsey.BotaurusPoiciloptilus.yml
5f0ddbe5 towsey - (#370) Update NoiseRemoval_Briggs.cs
bbdedfd8 towsey - (#370) Update GenericRecognizerTests.cs
ff97af89 towsey - (#370) Change yml file to be consistent with new post-processing hierarchy.
751d9e92 towsey - (#370) Set up PostProcessing as a top level key in generic recognizers
5acab67a towsey - (#370) Change method names to follow accepted convention
e45a575f towsey - (#370) Refactor methods for recognition of the main generic acoustic events.
ee3707f3 towsey - (#370) Refactor code for the recognition of blob events
cbab908c towsey - (#370) Fix tests for powerfull owl
9df9bf5c towsey - (#370) Update Plot.cs
5958a596 towsey - (#370) Enable Oscillation recognizer to utilize an array of decibel thresholds
24cdc16b towsey - (#370) Enable Harmonic recognizer to utilize an array of decibel trhsholds.
cc951abb towsey - (#370) Create a new class to contain methods that filter lists of acoustic Events
55fda898 towsey - (#370) Update GenericRecognizerTests.cs
5fb425d7 towsey - (#370) Change Track Algorithm classes to accept an array of decibel thresholds
676725d9 towsey - (#370) Update CommonParameters.cs
4664320e towsey - (#370) Update Plot.cs
9c0abc70 towsey - (#370) Shift method PreparePlot()
009ce06f towsey - (#370) Fixing broken Unit tests
2a75cc60 towsey - (#370) Fix unit test for Powerful owl
0a05f78c towsey - (#370) Update NinoxStrenua.cs
da87a2a1 towsey - (#370) Update ForwardTrackAlgorithm.cs
abc0199d towsey - (#370) Update GenericRecognizer.cs
9575f90f towsey - (#370) Update ForwardTrackAlgorithm.cs
c3bfb483 towsey - Adjust parameters for powerful Owl Test
c78e0186 towsey - (#370) Rework Powerful Owl recognizer
851aebeb towsey - (#370) Revise and refactor methods to do with Local Contrast Normalisation
c09d8c4d towsey - (#370) Try new test file for Powerful Owl
5db186e7 towsey - (#370) Small changes
efde855f towsey - (#370) Change config file to catch wider range of recordings.
7d0f6bfb towsey - (#370) Update EventExtentions.cs
d8ec8a96 towsey - (#370) Optimise parameter values for Australasian Bittern.
b8c4d5ba towsey - (#370) Small changes to config files
c0e20822 towsey - (#370) Refactored code for the Powerful Owl
aef31d3f towsey - (#370) Refactored code for the Boobook owl
def462ac towsey - (#370) Refactored code for the Australasian Bittern
87ae78c4 towsey - (#370) Create a new class SyllableSequenceConfig
4c674bfb towsey - (#370) Write methods to calculate the periodicity of syllable sequence
0070fb03 towsey - (#370) Update NinoxStrenua.cs
0bcdedef towsey - (#370) Update PowerfulOwlTests.cs
0560c616 towsey - (#370) Rearrange the post-processing steps.
2ee86d86 towsey - (#370) Create two new generic post-processing steps
6ec55c69 towsey - (#370) Set up recognizer for Powerful Owl
  <dc:title>QutEcoacoustics/audio-analysis: Ecoacoustics Audio Analysis Software v20.10.1.58</dc:title>
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