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papis/papis: VERSION 0.11

Alejandro Gallo; Nicolò Balzarotti; Michael Plews; Jackson Woodruff; Alex Fikl; Matthieu Coudron; Alexander Von Moll; Sébastien M. P.; JP-Ellis; Katrin Leinweber; Andrew Ramsey; CosmosAtlas; dbruggner; Fritzkefit; Oliver Lantwin; Theodoros Tsatsoulis; Zach Langley; Tobias Kölling; mftrhu

papis explore

  • Add add command to simply add documents retrieved.


  • Add the key _papis_local_folder so that third-party apps can get the documents' paths without having to go again through papis.

papis bibtex

  • Add unique command to be able to merge different bib files and filter out repetitions.
  • Add doctor to check for fields in a bibfile.
  • Add iscited to check which bib items are cited in a text file.

Add Format plugin

  • Sébastien Popoff has added a format plugin architecture, so now jinja2 is available again as a plugin.


  • Improve the reference building routine.
  • Change the default ref-format to
    "{doc[title]:.15} {doc[author]:.6} {doc[year]}",
  • The default ref if no reference could be built will not be using the folder name as before, but using the values in the info.yaml limited to 30 characters.

papis add

  • Create a reference at the time of adding if no reference exists.

papis browse

  • Add more documentation.
  • Add an ads handler to jump into the ads website of the paper using a doi.
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