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The scale and dynamics of COVID-19 epidemics across Europe

Dye, Christopher

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  author       = {Dye, Christopher},
  title        = {{The scale and dynamics of COVID-19 epidemics 
                   across Europe}},
  month        = sep,
  year         = 2020,
  note         = {{<p>The data used for analysis are provided in the 
                   Excel files, in which cells contain formulae for
                   carrying out basic computations. Graphics in the
                   paper are also presented in the Excel files, which
                   point to the source data in each file. Click
                   "don't update" when opening Excel files. Although
                   the SEIR and skew-logistic models cna be run from
                   the Excel files provided, readers can also
                   construct these models from the information given
                   in the Supplementary Materials (included with the
                   manuscript).</p> <p>Funding provided by: Oxford
                   Martin School, University of Oxford<br>Crossref
                   Funder Registry ID:
                   Number: </p>}},
  publisher    = {Zenodo},
  doi          = {10.5061/dryad.f1vhhmgv6},
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