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Art Style, Art & Culture International Magazine, no.1

Pamela C. Scorzin; Omar Cerrillo Garnica; Waldenyr Caldas; Margherita Medri; Christiane Wagner; Ewely Branco Sandrin; Dr. S. Udayakumar; Sruthi V S; Jordan Wright

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  note         = {{Publishing in Art Style Magazine is free of charge 
                   for anyone, there are no article processing
                   charges or other publication fees (see Terms and
                   Conditions). Art Style Magazine is independent and
                   supports the Open Access Movement. Also, it is
                   following what is recommended in international
                   guidelines of the Berlin Declaration on Open
                   Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and
                   Humanities.  All works published by Art Style
                   Magazine are available under a Creative Commons
                   Attribution License (CC BY-NC-ND). For the Art
                   Style Magazine, user license permitted 3rd party
                   reuse is only applicable for non-commercial
                   purposes.  Art Style Magazine outlines the best
                   practice principles for our publications. We
                   defend the best practices in our publications and
                   follow top institutions' directions on teaching,
                   science, and research worldwide. With this
                   practice, we wish to remember the fundamental
                   values of recognition of merit and the originality
                   of researchers and authors. Therefore, we present
                   here the central notions of good conduct and
                   research publishing ethics, based on the Committee
                   on Publication Ethics (COPE), the United States
                   National Science Foundation's policies and
                   procedures, the European Science Foundation's code
                   of conduct, and the FAPESP São Paulo Research
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