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PCP Phase 1 - Contractor details and project abstracts

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  "description": "<p>The five consortia who have been selected for the Solution Design phase of ARCHIVER will work over the next 4 months to establish a written detailed report including architecture and technical design of components of the ARCHIVER hybrid end-to-end archival and preservation services. The winning consortia are the following:</p>\n\n<ul>\n\t<li>Arkivum &ndash; Google</li>\n\t<li>GMV &ndash; PIQL &ndash; AWS &ndash; SafeSpring</li>\n\t<li>LIBNOVA - CSIC &ndash; University of Barcelona &ndash; Giaretta Associates</li>\n\t<li>RHEA System Spa &ndash; DEDAGROUP &ndash; GTT</li>\n\t<li>T-Systems International &ndash; GWDG &ndash; Onedata.</li>\n</ul>\n\n<p>This document includes their details and project abstracts.</p>", 
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  "name": "PCP Phase 1 - Contractor details and project abstracts"
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