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gagolews/stringi: stringi_1.5.3

Marek Gagolewski; Bartlomiej Tartanus; Davis Vaughan; Katrin Leinweber; Marcin Pawel Bujarski; Hiroaki Yutani; Mikko Korpela; Avraham Adler; Brett Bialer; Jeroen Ooms; Salim B

1.5.3 (2020-09-04) CRAN

  • [NEW FEATURE] #400: %s$% and %stri$% are now binary operators that call base R's sprintf().

  • [NEW FEATURE] #399: The %s*% and %stri*% operators can be used in addition to stri_dup(), for the very same purpose.

  • [NEW FEATURE] #355: stri_opts_regex() now accepts the time_limit and stack_limit options so as to prevent malformed or malicious regexes from running for too long.

  • [NEW FEATURE] #345: stri_startswith() and stri_endswith() are now equipped with the negate parameter.

  • [NEW FEATURE] #382: Incorrect regexes are now reported to ease debugging.

  • [DEPRECATION WARNING] #347: Any unknown option passed to stri_opts_fixed(), stri_opts_regex(), stri_opts_coll(), and stri_opts_brkiter() now generates a warning. In the future, the ... parameter will be removed, so that will be an error.

  • [DEPRECATION WARNING] stri_duplicated()'s fromLast argument has been renamed from_last. fromLast is now its alias scheduled for removal in a future version of the package.

  • [DEPRECATION WARNING] stri_enc_detect2() is scheduled for removal in a future version of the package. Use stri_enc_detect() or the more targeted stri_enc_isutf8(), stri_enc_isascii(), etc., instead.

  • [DEPRECATION WARNING] stri_read_lines(), stri_write_lines(), stri_read_raw(): use con argument instead of fname now. The argument fallback_encoding is scheduled for removal and is no longer used. stri_read_lines() does not support encoding="auto" anymore.

  • [DEPRECATION WARNING] nparagraphs in stri_rand_lipsum() has been renamed n_paragraphs.

  • [NEW FEATURE] #398: Alternative, British spelling of function parameters has been introduced, e.g., stri_opts_coll() now supports both normalization and normalisation.

  • [NEW FEATURE] #393: stri_read_bin(), stri_read_lines(), and stri_write_lines() are no longer marked as draft API.

  • [NEW FEATURE] #187: stri_read_bin(), stri_read_lines(), and stri_write_lines() now support connection objects as well.

  • [NEW FEATURE] #386: New function stri_sort_key() for generating locale-dependent sort keys which can be ordered at the byte level and return an equivalent ordering to the original string (@DavisVaughan).

  • [BUGFIX] #138: stri_encode() and stri_rand_strings() now can generate strings of much larger lengths.

  • [BUGFIX] stri_wrap() did not honour indent correctly when use_width was TRUE.

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