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Data: Effects of seismic airgun playbacks on swimming patterns and behavioural states of Atlantic cod in a net pen

Hubert, Jeroen; Campbell, James Adam; Slabbekoorn, Hans

Data abstract:

We tracked individual fish using acoustic telemetry and exposed them to sound. Here, we provide (1) the raw acoustic tag detections, (2) the filtered/processed tag detections which served as an input for YAPS (Yet Another Positioning Solver), (3) the positions of the hydrophones (acoustic tag receivers), and (4) the positions of the fish (output of YAPS) and other relevant covariates (sun elevation, tide and treatment period).


Paper abstract:

Anthropogenic sound can affect fish behaviour and physiology which may affect their well-being. However, it remains a major challenge to translate such effects to consequences for fitness at an individual and population level. For this, energy budget models have been developed, but suitable data to parametrize these models are lacking. A first step towards such parametrization concerns the objective quantification of behavioural states at high resolution. We experimentally exposed individual Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) in a net pen to the playback of seismic airgun sounds. We demonstrated that individual cod in the net pen did not change their swimming patterns immediately at the onset of the sound exposure. However, several individuals changed their time expenditure in three different behavioural states during the 1 h exposure. This may be suitable input for energy budget models that allow predictions about fitness consequences of acoustic disturbance.


Paper reference:

Hubert, J., Campbell, J. A., Slabbekoorn, H. (2020). Effects of seismic airgun playbacks on swimming patterns and behavioural states of Atlantic cod in a net pen. Mar. Pollut. Bull. 160, 111680. DOI:10.1016/j.marpolbul.2020.111680

This work was supported by the E&P Sound & Marine Life Joint Industry Programme.
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