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larmarange/labelled: labelled 2.6.0

Joseph; Michał Bojanowski; iago-pssjd; Bastiaan Quast; Hadley Wickham; Patrick Anker; gdutz

  • look_for() has been redesigned:
    • look_for() now returns a tibble
    • columns with multiple values for each variable are now stored as named lists
    • a print method has been added for a clearer presentation of results in the console
    • use lookfor_to_long_format() to convert results with one row per factor level and per value label
    • use convert_list_columns_to_character() to convert list columns to simpler character vectors
    • generate_dictionary() is an equivalent of look_for()
  • set_variable_labels, set_value_labels, add_value_labels, and remove_value_labels now accept "tidy dots" (#67 @psanker)
  • new function names_prefixed_by_values() to get the names of a vector prefixed by their corresponding value
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