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Ideas for Social Researches

Rafikov, Kamil

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    "description": "<p>200+ ideas for social researches collected from 3 round-the-world trips in 30+ countries (mainly, in <strong>ex-USSR with surroundings and Africa</strong>). All travels have been made for the timespan since 2004th year till 2020th year. Also, some part of ideas is coming from different periods of family life in ex-USSR including the whole 20th century. Ex-USSR with neighbour countries is represented just because I have spent there the most part of time; Africa is represented just because it is the most socially &quot;hot&quot; region; however, other territories (<strong>Indostan, Latin America</strong>) are covered too in some amount.</p>\n\n<p>All published material is just by-product of my regular life; no planned systematic research activities have been performed; none of ideas has been checked in the literature.</p>\n\n<p>The ideas have been grouped in separate chapters by topics to simplify search and reading (chapters are sorted by amount of text, from the largest to smallest):</p>\n\n<ul>\n\t<li>&quot;Public Health, Medicine, and Neurophysiology&quot;,</li>\n\t<li>&quot;Family Anthropology&quot;,</li>\n\t<li>&quot;Pedagogy and Education&quot;,</li>\n\t<li>&quot;Dating and Sexual Practices&quot;,</li>\n\t<li>&quot;Regional Sociocultural Phenomena&quot;</li>\n\t<li>&quot;Wildlife Management, Ecotourism, Zoology, and Agriculture&quot;,</li>\n\t<li>&quot;Criminology&quot;,</li>\n\t<li>&quot;Economics&quot;,</li>\n\t<li>&quot;Solutions of Problems of Young Adult African Females&quot;,</li>\n\t<li>&quot;Intercultural Communication and Migration&quot;,</li>\n\t<li>&quot;Urbanism and Architectural Tourism&quot;,</li>\n\t<li>&quot;Solutions of Problems of Other Vulnerable Social Groups&quot;,</li>\n\t<li>&quot;Gender Disparities&quot;.</li>\n</ul>", 
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    "title": "Ideas for Social Researches", 
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      "gender disparity", 
      "public health", 
      "wildlife management", 
      "flight safety", 
      "sex crime", 
      "organized crime", 
      "Central Asia", 
      "Rwenzori Mountains", 
      "Latin America", 
    "publication_date": "2020-07-29", 
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