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Comparative microscopic study of Solidago species from the Republic of Moldova flora

Fursenco, Cornelia; Calalb, Tatiana; Uncu, Livia

Background: Genus Solidago is represented in the Republic of Moldova flora by two species: S. virgaurea – spontaneous and S. canadensis – cultivated, known as medicinal plants in the world, also being studied in our country. The objective of this paper was the comparative microscopic study of Solidago species from the Republic of Moldova flora.

Material and methods: Superficial preparations and sections were made from vegetal products of S. virgaurea and S. canadensis species and studied in the Micros microscope coupled with digital camera.

Results: The main specific structural indicators with diagnostic role in the identification of g. Solidago species from the flora of the Republic of Moldova were highlighted: the presence of secretory channels in rhizome and stem (both species); the contour of stem in cross-section (polygonal outline – S. virgaurea, circular outline – S. canadensis); the mesophyll structure of leaf (dorsoventral mesophyll – S. virgaurea, equifacial mesophyll – S. canadensis); anomocytic type of stomata (both species); multicellular protective conical trichomes and flabelliform ones (both species); secretory trichomes (with unicellular foot – S. virgaurea, and with multicellular one – S. canadensis); abundant pappus composed of multiseriate bristles and spherical pollen grains (both species).

Conclusions: S. virgaurea and S. canadensis species from the Republic of the Moldova flora could be identified by specific structural indices that have an important diagnostic role.

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