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Biodiversidata vascular plant occurrence records from Uruguay

Grattarola, Florencia; González, Andrés; Mai, Patricia; Cappuccio, Laura; Fagúndez, César; Rossi, Florencia; Teixeira de Mello, Franco; Urtado, Lucía; Pincheira-Donoso, Daniel

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  note         = {{Biodiversidata is a collaborative association of 
                   experts with the aim of assembling a constantly
                   growing database for Uruguay's biodiversity. The
                   initiative was launched in 2018 under the
                   direction of Florencia Grattarola as part of her
                   PhD project at the University of Lincoln in
                   partnership with the MacroBiodiversity Lab at
                   Queen's University Belfast (UK), led by Daniel
                   Pincheira-Donoso. Its open-access platform
                   ( aims to make the
                   biodiversity data of Uruguay openly available by
                   integrating a broad range of resources including
                   databases, publications, maps, reports and
                   infographics, derived from the work of the team of
                   expert scientific members. Current funds for
                   developing Biodiversidata are conditioned to
                   Grattarola's PhD project concluding in December
                   2020. The database presented in this study will
                   continue to be improved and updated with new
                   records periodically (yearly).  Members of the
                   Biodiversidata Consortium: Florencia Grattarola,
                   Germán Botto, Arley Camargo, Laura Capuccio, Inés
                   da Rosa, César Fagúndez, Noelia Gobel, Andrés
                   González, Enrique M. González, Javier González,
                   Daniel Hernández, Gabriel Laufer, Patricia Mai,
                   Raúl Maneyro, María Martínez, Juan A. Martínez-
                   Lanfranco, Daniel E. Naya, Ana L. Rodales,
                   Florencia Rossi, Mateo Senseber, Franco Teixeira
                   de Mello, Lucía Urtado, Lucía Ziegler and Daniel
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