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Science Communication Webinar Series: Designing Infographics Presentation

Hannah Grist; Will Harvey

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  "description": "<p>Blue-Action&nbsp;coordinated&nbsp;a series of webinars on climate science communication in 2020. These were&nbsp;aimed at early-career researchers, but anyone who wishes to engage people with their research at any stage will find them valuable.</p>\n\n<p>This webinar was delivered on 17th July&nbsp;2020 by&nbsp;<a href=\";text=As%20a%20member%20of%20SAMS,intranet%20and%20asset%20management%20tools.&amp;,%2B44%20(0)1631%20559327\">Will Harvey</a>, who is a web and graphic designer at the&nbsp;<a href=\"\">Scottish Association for Marine Science.</a>&nbsp;Will spent over a decade as a graphic designer in industry, before moving to academia. Here he shares insights into the process of designing infographics and key principles to create a design with impact.&nbsp;</p>", 
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