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Simulation of radon-222 with the GEOS-Chem global model: Emissions, seasonality, and convective transport

Bo Zhang; Hongyu Liu; James Crawford; Gao Chen; Duncan Fairlie; Scott Chambers; Chang-Hee Kang; Alastair Williams; Kai Zhang; David Considin; Melissa Sulprizio; Robert Yantosca

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  <dc:creator>Hongyu Liu</dc:creator>
  <dc:creator>James Crawford</dc:creator>
  <dc:creator>Gao Chen</dc:creator>
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  <dc:description>Data repository for paper:
"Simulation of radon-222 with the GEOS-Chem global model:
Emissions, seasonality, and convective transport" by
Bo Zhang, Hongyu Liu, James H. Crawford, Gao Chen,
T. Duncan Fairlie, Scott Chambers, Chang-Hee Kang,
Alastair G. Williams, Kai Zhang, David B. Considine,
Daniel J. Jacob, Melissa P. Sulprizio,
and Robert M. Yantosca, submitted to Atmos. Chem. Phys., July 2020

Created by Bo Zhang (, July 2020

-&gt; Data   
   -&gt; Rn_surface
      Contains site measurement files
      -&gt; Please refer to Zhang et al. (2011) for most of the surface
         site measurements.
      -&gt; MLO_radon.xlsx
         Long-term Rn-222 measurements at Mauna Loa.
      -&gt; Gosan_2001-2010.xlsx
         Long-term Rn-222 measurements at Gosan.
   -&gt; Rn_profile
      Contains no data here. Please refer to Liu et al. (1984),
      Kritz et al. (1998), Zaucker et al. (1996), and
      Williams et al. (2011) for the four Rn-222 profile datasets.   

-&gt; Model_modified
   -&gt; Code_1101f_Rn_paper
      The folder contains a complete code directory of GEOS-Chem v11-01f.
   -&gt; hcox_gc_RnPbBe_mod.F90.ZKCHA120NASWred
      This file replaces HEMCO/Extensions/hcox_gc_RnPbBe_mod.F90
      under GEOS-Chem version 11.01f code directory to read the
      updated emission files (Rn_emis_ZKCHA120_NASWred). Search 'bz' in
      the file for modifications.
   -&gt; Rn_emis_ZKCHA120_NASWred: updated global Rn-222 emission fluxes.
     -&gt; ZKC_EMIS_ARR_ATOM_2X25_MONTHLY.sav
        IDL save-file with saved monthly mean Rn-222 emission fluxes.
        (gridded 2x2.5 array ZKC_EMIS_ARR_ATOM_2X25_MONTHLY)
        Unit is atom Rn-222 per cm2 per second.
     -&gt; Rn_emis_ZKCHA120_NASWred_2x25_std01-12
        Text files need to be put under GEOS-Chem run directory.
        Each monthly file contains a single column array.
        The data are placed in a longitude and latitude sequence
        starting from (180W, 89.5S) to (178W, 89.5S) .... and
        until (177.5E, 89.5N).
        The entire folder needs to be placed under GEOS-Chem run directory.
     -&gt; For the other three emission scenarios used in the paper
        please refer to Jacob et al. (1997), Schery and Wasiolek (1998),
        and Zhang et al. (2011).

-&gt; Model_output  
  -&gt; tracerinfo.dat, diaginfo.dat: GEOS-Chem dat files needed for IDL-GAMAP
  -&gt; rpbbe2_1101f_merra_2013_JA97.bpch: model output with emission JA97.
  -&gt; rpbbe2_1101f_merra_2013_SW98.bpch: model output with emission SW98.
  -&gt; rpbbe2_1101f_merra_2013_ZK11.bpch: model output with emission ZK11.
  -&gt; rpbbe2_1101f_merra_2013_ZKCHA120NASWred.bpch: model output with the
     updated emission in this work.


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      Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 11(15), 7817-7838.


  <dc:title>Simulation of radon-222 with the GEOS-Chem global model:   Emissions, seasonality, and convective transport</dc:title>
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