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RDA COVID-19 Recommendations and Guidelines on Data Sharing

RDA COVID-19 Working Group

This record contains the final version of the Recommendations and Guidelines from the RDA COVID19 Working Group, which has been endorsed through the official RDA process.

Supplemental materials are also provided, including the following:

  1. Executive Summary that briefly outlines the main findings;
  2. Infographic tool that outlines the challenges, objectives, and key recommendations;
  3. French language translation of the Recommendations and Guidelines from the RDA COVID19 Working Group;
  4. Data Stewardship Wizard (DSW) guide, for use of a navigation tool that allows you to quickly identify the recommendations that pertain to your specific research endeavor; 
  5. MindMap guide, to provide access to the text of the Recommendations and Guidelines using a visual tool with full text search capabilities.
Licensing information: The files in this record have the license CC-0, except for: RDA_COVID-19_Recommendations_and_Guidelines_on_Data_Sharing_Lignes_directrices_et_recommandations_de_la_Research_Data_Alliance_durant_la_pandémie_(French_translation_Licensed).pdf and RDA_COVID-19_Recommendations_and_Guidelines_on_Data_Sharing_Infographic_(Final_Licensed) which are both licensed CC-By 4.0
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