Supporting material for the Paper:

Verification of indefinite-horizon POMDPs

Contents of this repository

  • Logfiles (see subdirectory logs and logs/
  • Model files (see subdirectory models and models/
  • This Readme

Storm Installation

The implementation is part of Storm since version 1.6.0. Click here to obtain a recent version of Storm.

For our experiments in the Paper we considered this commit. If you want to use the same version, please refer to the installation guide to build storm from source. Before the Configuration Step, make sure to checkout the appropriate commit using

git checkout b6fcdefbbb4fa33ca530f52a8f8a16222b09e71f

After the make step, the binary $STORM_DIR/build/bin/storm-pomdp should be available. To see a list of possible options, simply run:

`$STORM_DIR/build/bin/storm-pomdp` --help

Example invocations are also given in the logfiles.