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jgm/pandoc: pandoc 2.10

John MacFarlane; Albert Krewinkel; Jesse Rosenthal; link2xt; Matthew Pickering; Mauro Bieg; Andrew Dunning; Nikolay Yakimov; Kolen Cheung; Yan Pashkovsky; Václav Haisman; Marc Schreiber; Nathan Gass; Joseph C. Sible; Fedor Sheremetyev; Brian Leung; Mark Wright; Thomas Hodgson; Francesco Occhipinti; Ophir Lifshitz; Hubert Plociniczak; Pascal Wagler; Aditya Mahajan; Daniel Bergey; Jose Luis Duran; Christian Despres; David Lazar; Felix Yan; Hamish Mackenzie; Xavier Olive

Click to expand changelog - Use pandoc-types 1.21. This adds two things: - A native Underline constructor for Inline (#6277, Vaibhav Sagar). - More expressive types for tables (#1024, Christian Despres). Tables can now take attributes; and rowspans and colspans, column headers, multiple row headers, table head and foot can all be represented. (Note, however, that reader and writer support for these features is still lacking, so most users won't see any differences in table conversion yet. These changes just lay the foundation for further improvements.) - Support new Underline element in readers and writers (#6277, Vaibhav Sagar). - Support new Table type (Christian Despres). The Builder.simpleTable now only adds a row to the TableHead when the given header row is not null. This uncovered an inconsistency in the readers: some would unconditionally emit a header filled with empty cells, even if the header was not present. Now every reader has the conditional behaviour. Only the XWiki writer depended on the header row being always present; it now pads its head as necessary. - Add an option to disable certificate validation (#6156, Cédric Couralet, Cécile Chemin, Juliette Fourcot). This commit adds the option `--no-check-certificate`, which disables certificate checking when resources are fetched by HTTP. - Unify defaults and markdown metadata parsers (#6328, Nikolay Yakimov). Clean up code in Text.Pandoc.Readers.Metadata and properly handle errors in `yamlToMeta`. This fixes parsing of Boolean fields in metadata withinin defaults files and reduces code duplication. - Docbook reader: - Implement `` (#6442, Mathieu Boespflug). - Implement `` (#6438, Mathieu Boespflug). - Treat envar and systemitem like code (#6435, Mathieu Boespflug). - Implement `` (#6437, Mathieu Boespflug) - Map `` to unnumbered section (#6436, Mathieu Boespflug). - JATS reader: - Handle "label" element in section title (#6288). - Parse abstract element into metadata field of same name (#6480, Albert Krewinkel). - Jira reader (Albert Krewinkel): - Resolve multiple parsing problems, including issues with empty table cells, faulty recognition of closing emphasis characters, and parsing of image attributes (#6212, #6219, #6220). - Two consecutive markup chars are now parsed verbatim (#6343); styled text must not be empty. - Newlines are no longer allowed within styled text (#6325). - Links to anchors are now parsed as links (#6407). - Retain image attributes (#6234). Jira images attributes as in `!image.jpg|align=right!` are retained as key-value pairs. Thumbnail images, such as `!example.gif|thumbnail!`, are marked by a `thumbnail` class in their attributes. - Use Underline for inserted text (#6237). Previously, the span was marked with the non-standard class `inserted`. - Improve icon conversion for `(/)`, `(x)`, `(!)`, `(?)` `(+)`, `(-)`, `(off)`, `(*)`. (#6236, #6264). - Support citations, attachment links, and user links (#6231, #6238, #6239). - Resolve parsing issues of blockquote, color (#6233, #6235). - HTML reader: - Parse attributes into table attributes. - Support `` (#5794, Tristan de Cacqueray). - Add `summary` to list of block-level HTML tags (#6385). This improves support for summary/details inside Markdown. NOTE: you need to include a blank line before the closing ``, if you want the last part of the content to be parsed as a paragraph. - Fix parsing unclosed th elements in a table (#6247). - Commonmark reader: Implement `implicit_figures` extension (#6350). - Markdown Reader: - Fix inline code in lists (#6284, Nikolay Yakimov). Previously inline code containing list markers was sometimes parsed incorrectly. - Don't require blank line after grid table (#6481). This allows grid tables to be enclosed in fenced divs with no intervening blank lines. - LaTeX reader: - Don't parse beyond `\end{document}` (#6380). This required some internal changes to `\subfile` handling. - Better handling of `\lettrine`. SmallCaps instead of Span for the part after the initial capital. Ensure that both arguments are parsed, so that in Markdown both are treated as raw LateX. (Closes #6258.) - Org reader (Albert Krewinkel): - Recognize images with uppercase extensions (#6472). - Keep unknown keyword lines as raw org. The lines of unknown keywords, like `#+SOMEWORD: value` are no longer read as metadata, but kept as raw `org` blocks. This ensures that more information is retained when round-tripping org-mode files; additionally, this change makes it possible to support non-standard org extensions via filters. - Unify keyword handling. Handling of export settings and other keywords (like `#+LINK`) has been combined and unified. - Support `LATEX_HEADER_EXTRA` and `HTML_HEAD_EXTRA` settings. These export settings are treated like their non-extra counterparts, i.e., the values are added to the `header-includes` metadata list. - Allow multiple `#+SUBTITLE` export settings. The values of all lines are read as inlines and collected in the `subtitle` metadata field. - Read `#+INSTITUTE` values as text with markup. The value is stored in the `institute` metadata field and used in the default beamer presentation template. - The behavior of the `#+AUTHOR` and `#+KEYWORD` export settings has changed: Org now allows multiple such lines and adds a space between the contents of each line. Pandoc now always parses these settings as meta inlines; setting values are no longer treated as comma-separated lists. Note that a Lua filter can be used to restore the previous behavior. - Read description lines as inlines (#6485). `#+DESCRIPTION` lines are now treated as text with markup. If multiple such lines are given, then all lines are read and separated by soft linebreaks. - Honor tex export option (#4070). The `tex` export option can be set with `#+OPTION: tex:nil` and allows three settings: `t` (the default) causes LaTeX fragments to be parsed as TeX or added as raw TeX. `nil` removes all LaTeX fragments from the document. `verbatim` treats LaTeX as text. - RST reader: - Pass arbitrary attributes through in code blocks (#6465). Exceptions: name (which becomes the id), class (which becomes the classes), and number-lines (which is treated specially to fit with pandoc highlighting). - Handle `date::` directive (#6276). - Textile reader: support `pre.` for code blocks (#6454). - Ipynb reader: - Handle application/pdf output as image (#6430). - Properly handle image/svg+xml as an image (#6430). - Docx reader: - Distinguish between docx parsing and docx container unpacking errors. - MediaWiki reader: - Fix `gfm_auto_identifiers` so that `-` is not replaced by `_` (#6335). - Vimwiki reader: - Add nested syntax highlighting (#6256, Vlad Hanciuta). Nested syntaxes are specified like this: {{{sql SELECT * FROM table }}} The preformatted code block parser has been extended to check if the first attribute of the block is not a `key=value` pair, and in that case it will be considered as a class. - Jira writer (Albert Krewinkel): - Always escape braces (#6478). Braces are now always escaped, even within words or when surrounded by whitespace. Jira and Confluence treat braces specially. - Convert Underline to inserted text (`+inserted+`). - Add image attributes (#6234). Image attributes are added to the output as image parameters. If the image has a class "thumbnail", then a thumbnail image is generated; all other attributes are discarded in this case. - LaTeX writer: - Ensure that `-M csquotes` works even in fragment mode (#6265). - Escape `^` specially for listings (#6460). - Create hypertarget for links with identifier (#6360). - Distinguish between single and double quotes when using enquote package (#6457, dbecher-ito). - Add support for customizable alignment of columns in beamer (#6331, andrebauer). - Add support for customizable alignment of columns in beamer (#4805, #4150, andrebauer). - HTML writer: - Use CSS in favor of `
` for display math (#6372) Some CSS to ensure that display math is displayed centered and on a new line is now included in the default HTML-based templates; this may be overridden if the user wants a different behavior. - Org writer: - Clean-up Div handling (Albert Krewinkel). - Docx writer: - Enable column and row bands for tables (#6371). This change will not have any effect with the default style. However, it enables users to use a style (via a reference.docx) that turns on row and/or column bands. - OpenDocument (and ODT) writer: - Add custom-style "Abstract" in metadata abstract. This ensures that the abstract is rendered with style Abstract. - Enable custom-style attribute on a Div. This allows you to apply a custom style to contained paragraphs. - DocBook writer: - Add id of figure to enclosed image. - Add personname element to docbook author (#6244). - FB2 writer: - Properly handle cover-image containing spaces (#6391). - Markdown writer: - Ensure consistent padding for pipe tables (#6240). - Avoid unnecessary escapes before intraword `_` when `intraword_underscores` extension is enabled (#6296). - RST writer: - Properly handle images with same alt text (#6194). Previously we created duplicate references for these in rendering RST. - AsciiDoc writer: - Add blank line after Div (#6308). - Haddock Writer: - Support Haddock tables (Joe Hermaszewski). See this PR on Haddock for details on the table format: . - PowerPoint writer (Jesse Rosenthal): - Write math input verbatim in speaker notes (#6301). OMML in speaker notes would lead to corrupt PowerPoint output. We now output the OMML verbatim as LaTeX in the speaker notes. - LaTeX template: Make polyglossia package options list-aware (#6444, Frederik Elwert). - Reveal.js template: - Update template for reveal.js 4.0.0 (#6390, Salim B). - Update template with newly available options (#6347, Jake Zimmerman). - Use CDN version of revealjs v4 by default (#6408). - opendocument template: Add abstract and subtitle to opendocument template (#6369). - reference.odt: clean up styles. Add Abstract. Change Author, Date to centered paragraphs with no character styling. - epub.css: wrap overlong lines in highlighted code blocks (#6242). This fixes a problem in iBooks v2.4 with our earlier horizontally scrolling code blocks. The problem seems to be a bug in iBooks, not pandoc, but since iBooks is a major target we're changing pandoc's default behavior so that pandoc-produced epubs work on that platform. - Text.Pandoc.PDF: - Use `--enable-local-file-access` in invoking `wkhtmltopdf` (#6474). `wkhtmltopdf` changed in recent versions to require this for access to local files. This fixes PDF via HTML5 with `--css`. - Send verbose output to stderr, not stdout (#6483). - Text.Pandoc.MIME: Fix MIME type for TrueType fonts in EPUBs (#6464, Michael Reed). - Text.Pandoc.Shared: - `makeSections`: omit number attribute when unnumbered class is present (#6339). Previously the attribute was included but given an empty value, and this caused the table of contents creation functions in Text.Pandoc.Writers.Shared to think these items had numbers, which meant that they were included in the TOC even if the `unlisted` class was used. - Deprecate `underlineSpan` in Shared in favor of `Text.Pandoc.Builder.underline` (Vaibhav Sagar). - `renderTags'`: use self-closing tag for col element (#6295). - Text.Pandoc.UUID: Fix `getRandomUUID`, which previously would return the same value twice in a row. Make `getRandomUUID` polymorphic in PandocMonad. Remove `getUUID` (#6228, Joseph C. Sible). - Text.Pandoc.Class: Generalize `PandocIO` functions to `MonadIO`. - Fixed Katex standalone script (#6399, Lucas Escot). Global macros are now persistent when using the HTML Writer with the `--katex` option. - Lua subsystem (Albert Krewinkel): - Use new type PandocLua for all pandoc Lua operations (API change). The new type `PandocLua` is an instance of the `PandocMonad` typeclass and can thus be used in a way similar to `PandocIO`. - Use PandocError for exceptions in Lua subsystem (API change). The PandocError type is used throughout the Lua subsystem. All Lua functions throw an exception of this type if an error occurs. The `LuaException` type is removed and no longer exported from `Text.Pandoc.Lua`. In its place, a new constructor `PandocLuaError` is added to PandocError. - Lua filters: improve error messages for failing filters (#6332, Albert Krewinkel). Print the Lua error properly instead of displaying their `show` string. - Use latest skylighting. This fixes a bug with lua multiline comments (and may improve handling of other syntaxes as well). IT also adds `aria-hidden="true"` to the empty a elements, which helps people who use screen readers. - Use latest texmath. - Require latest doctemplates 0.8.2. This adds support for template pipes `first`, `rest`, `last`, `allbutlast`. - Revert 0e48a02 and dependency on base-noprelude, which hasn't been updated for ghc 8.10 (see #6187). - Dependency adjustments: - Allow haddock-library 1.9.x. - Allow hslua 1.1 (#6243, Felix Yan). - Allow base64-bytestring 1.1. - Use latest jira-wiki-markup. - Allow http-client 0.7. - Allow tasty 1.3.x. - Allow aeson 1.5 (#6400, Felix Yan). - Remove unused dependency `vector` (#6462, Laurent P. René de Cotret). - Bump QuickCheck upper bound. - Significant code cleanup and simplification (Joseph C. Sible, #6223, #6209, #6225, #6229, #6226, #6340). - Remove unnecessary hlint ignores (#6341, Joseph C. Sible). - Remove obsolete RelaxedPolyRec extension (#6487, Nikolay Yakimov). - trypandoc improvements (Mike Tzou): - Add standalone option to the command text (#6210). - Update third party libraries. - MANUAL.txt: - Clarify template partial naming (#6476, Mauro Bieg). - Describe `jira` as "Jira/Confluence wiki markup" (#6351, Albert Krewinkel). In the past, Jira's wiki markup was also used by – and could be imported into – Atlassian Confluence. - Add link to (#6272, Mauro Bieg). - Clarify pipe table column width adjustment (#6254). - Fix ATX header syntax. - Fix misleading note about image size conversions (#6353). - Update links to reveal.js documentation (#6386, Salim B). - Separate adjacent verbatim code blocks (#6307, tom-audm). - - Document behavior of `smart` extension (#4387, Albert Krewinkel). - Describe all supported export options in detail. - - Fix description of BulletList Lua type (Levi Gruspe). - Use pandoc.system module in TikZ example (Albert Krewinkel). Showcase temporary directory handling with `with_temporary_directory` and `with_working_directory`. - fix FreeBSD port link (#6422, Mo). The FreeBSD port was renamed from pandoc to hs-pandoc in 2010. The old pandoc port is still at version - Propagate `(DY)LD_LIBRARY_PATH` in tests (#6376, Lila). - Bump `cabal-version` to 2.2 (#6377). - Make it possible to compile using Stack on NixOS (#6439, Mathieu Boespflug). - CI action to check for commit messsage length (Nikolay Yakimov, #6398).

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