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Ouranosinc/xclim: v0.18.0

David Huard; Trevor James Smith; Pascal Bourgault; Travis Logan; sbiner; Philippe Roy; David Caron; Ag Stephens; Christopher Whelan; RondeauG; jwenfai

0.18.x (2020-06-26)

  • Optimization options for xclim.sdba : different grouping for the normalization steps of DQM and save training or fitting datasets to temporary files.
  • xclim.sdba.detrending objects can now act on groups.
  • Replaced dask[complete] with dask[array] in basic installation and added distributed to docs build dependencies.
  • xclim.core.locales now supported in Windows build environments.
  • ensembles.ensemble_percentiles modified to compute along a percentiles dimension by default, instead of creating different variables.
  • Added indicator first_day_below and run length helper first_run_after_date.
  • Added ANUCLIM model climate indices mappings.
  • Renamed areacella to areacello in sea ice tests.
  • Sea ice extent and area outputs now have units of m2 to comply with CF-Convention.
  • Split into, and This change will only affect users creating custom indices using utilities previously located in
  • Changed signature of daily_freeze_thaw_cycles, daily_temperature_range, daily_temperature_range_variability and extreme_temperature_range to take (tasmin, tasmax) instead of (tasmax, tasmin) and match signature of other similar multivariate indices.
  • Added FromContext subclass of MissingBase to have a uniform API for missing value operations.
  • Remove logging commands that captured all xclim warnings. Remove deprecated xr.set_options calls.

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