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neurostuff/NiMARE: 0.0.3

Salo, Taylor; Yarkoni, Tal; Nichols, Thomas E.; Kent, James D.; Gorgolewski, Krzysztof J.; Glerean, Enrico; Bottenhorn, Katherine L.; Bilgel, Murat; Wright, Jessey; Reeders, Puck; Nielson, Dylan N.; Yanes, Julio A.; Pérez, Alexandre; Laird, Angela R.

Release Notes

This release consolidates changes prior to PyMARE integration. In addition to a number of bug fixes, this release also includes substantial changes to ALESubtraction, annotation storage, and Dataset size.

  • [FIX] Preallocate ALE cFWE p-value array with ones instead of zeros (#254) @tsalo
  • [ENH] Convert decoders to classes (#252) @tsalo
  • [ENH] Add prefix to annotations to delineate sources (#250) @tsalo
  • [REF] Drop attribute (#249) @tsalo
  • [ENH] Remove voxel selection in ALESubtraction (#245) @tsalo
  • [REF] Eliminate duplication in ALESubtraction (#244) @tsalo
  • [FIX] Add minimum nibabel version (#237) @tsalo
  • [TST] Fix CodeCov config file (#240) @tsalo
  • [ENH] Add transforms module (#239) @tsalo
  • [TST] Add workflow tests (#235) @tsalo
  • [REF, ENH] Add CBMAEstimator base class (#232) @tsalo
  • [MAINT] Add @nicholst's info to Zenodo file (#228) @tsalo
  • [MAINT] Consolidate requirements files (#230) @tsalo
  • [ENH] Dataset.get_X methods return available types when type is not provided (#205) @tsalo
  • [FIX] Update workflows given recent changes (#226) @tsalo
  • [REF] Reorganize submodules (#225) @tsalo
  • [REF, DOC] Update meta-analysis output map names (#224) @tsalo
  • [REF] Rename "permutation" to "montecarlo" (#223) @tsalo
  • [DOC] Fix annotate API docs (#222) @tsalo
  • [DOC] Improve API rendering and run some examples (#219) @tsalo
  • [REF, DOC] Remove unused base classes and improve docs (#216) @tsalo
  • [REF] Rename kernel_estimator attribute to kernel_transformer (#197) @tsalo
  • [ENH] Make convert_sleuth_to_dataset more flexible (#166) @62442katieb

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