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JuliaNLSolvers/NLsolve.jl: v4.4.0

Patrick Kofod Mogensen; Kristoffer Carlsson; Sébastien Villemot; Spencer Lyon; Matthieu Gomez; Christopher Rackauckas; Tim Holy; David Widmann; Tony Kelman; Antoine Levitt; Asbjørn Nilsen Riseth; Carlo Lucibello; Changhyun Kwon; Daniel Karrasch; David Barton; Julia TagBot; Miles Lubin; Simon Byrne; Simon Christ; Takafumi Arakaki; Troels Arnfred Bojesen; benneti; Miguel Raz Guzmán Macedo

NLsolve v4.4.0

Diff since v4.3.0

Closed issues:

  • DiffEqDiffTools -> FiniteDiff (#229)
  • x can become NaN (#235)
  • UndefRefError: access to undefined reference (#236)
  • only_fj! version requests f and j separately at the same x (#240)
  • Bizarre Bug (#241)

Merged pull requests:

  • Install TagBot as a GitHub Action (#232) (@JuliaTagBot)
  • bump Distances.jl compat (#237) (@dkarrasch)
  • Make it GPU friendly. (#242) (@pkofod)
  • Eval together in newton. (#243) (@pkofod)
  • Better convergence assessment. (#244) (@pkofod)

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