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SUVENDU RAKSHIT; C. S. Stalin; Jari Kotilainen

We present measurements of the spectral properties for a total of 526,265 quasars, out of which 63% have continuum S/N> 3 pixel−1, selected from the fourteenth data release of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS-DR14) quasar catalog. We performed a careful and homogeneous analysis of the SDSS spectra of these sources, to estimate the continuum and line properties of several emission lines such as Hα, Hβ, Hγ, Mg ii, C iii], C iv and Lyα. From the derived emission line parameters, we estimated single-epoch virial black hole masses (MBH) for the sample using Hβ, Mg ii, and C iv emission lines. The sample covers a wide range in bolometric luminosity (log Lbol; erg s−1 ) between 44.4 and 47.3 and log MBH between 7.1 and 9.9 M. Using the ratio of Lbol to the Eddington luminosity as a measure of the accretion rate, the logarithm of the accretion rate is found to be in the range between −2.06 and 0.43. We performed several correlation analyses between different emission line parameters and found them to match with that known earlier using smaller samples. We noticed that strong Fe ii sources with large Balmer line width, and highly accreting sources with large MBH are rare in our sample. We make available an extended and complete catalog that contains various spectral properties of 526,265 quasars derived in this work along with other properties culled from the SDSS-DR14 quasar catalog.


Here, you will find the entire spectral catalog in the FITS format.

  • The main catalog (“ dr14q_spec_prop.fits”) is based on the spectral information from this study consisting of 274 columns, which are described in Table B4.
  • An extended catalog (“ dr14q_spec_prop_ext.fits”) where all the columns of DR14Q (Paris et al. 2018) are appended after the main catalog (ie, after column # 274). The extended catalog has a total of 380 columns.

We also make available all the model components (in FITS format) for each quasar and the spectral decomposition plots (PDF format): HERE

  • Each model FITS file has the following 8 columns:
  1. wave : rest-frame wavelength
  2. flux : rest-frame spectral flux
  3. err : rest-frame spectral flux uncertainty
  4. model_host : decomposed host-Galaxy flux
  5. model_pl_bc : a sum of the model power law and Balmer continuum
  6. model_feii : a sum of the Fe II UV and Fe II optical
  7. model_line_bc : total broad line model
  8. model_line_nc : total narrow line model
  • A dedicated website has been created for Supplementary material:  WEBSITE
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