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Plan S: Taking stock of the current situation and new developments

Angelaki, Marina; Rooryck, Johan; Brennan, Niamh

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  "description": "<p>This OpenAIRE Policy and Legal Task Force webinar focuses on recent developments around&nbsp;<a href=\"\">Plan S</a>. Johan Rooryck,&nbsp;<a href=\"\">cOAlition S Open Access Champion, </a>talks about cOAlition S and what Research funding organizations in cOAlition S want; research visibility; Plan S: strong principles; implementation guidance: key challenges, routes to compliance, transformative arrangements; implementation: developing a Journal Checker Tool; working with key stakeholders: researchers, early career researchers, publishers, universities; and other activities: transparent pricing and Fair Open Access Alliance (FOAA), non-APC funding models and cOAlition S office. Niamh Brennan,<a href=\"\">&nbsp;Trinity College Dublin and OpenAIRE NOAD in Ireland</a>, talks about Ireland&rsquo;s experience with its National Open Science Strategy and Plan S: the scholarly publishing landscape in Ireland, Ireland&rsquo;s Open Access Repository Network and National Open Access Research Portal <a href=\"\"></a>, HRB Open Research, National Open Research Forum,&nbsp;mapping national OA Policy to Plan S (1st iteration), <a href=\"\">National Framework on the Transition to an Open Research Environment</a> &ndash; &lsquo;Plan S-friendly&rsquo; &ndash; but its primary concern is to be more &lsquo;Irish research-friendly, &lsquo;AmeliCA-friendly&rsquo; &ndash; in terms of its emphasis on academy-based infrastructures and on&nbsp; alternatives to fee-based publishing and supportive of scholarly communication initiatives in the Global South, stressing equity, bibliodiversity and revisiting the issues of copyright and licences, immediate Open Access &amp; Choice of Open Access Route calling to end publisher embargoes on researchers self-archiving their AAMs, and diamond publishing. The webinar recording also includes questions and discussion.</p>", 
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      "name": "Angelaki, Marina"
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      "name": "Rooryck, Johan"
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      "name": "Brennan, Niamh"
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  "datePublished": "2020-05-27", 
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    "Plan S", 
    "cOAlition S", 
    "transformative arrangements", 
    "transparent pricing", 
    "non-APC funding models", 
    "National Open Science Strategy", 
    "immediate Open Access"
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  "name": "Plan S: Taking stock of the current situation and new developments"
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