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arviz-devs/arviz: Beta release

Osvaldo Martin; Colin; Ari Hartikainen; Ravin Kumar; Oriol Abril; Piyush Gautam; Moritz Freidank; Aniruddha Banerjea; rpgoldman; Nitish Pasricha; Austin Rochford; Agustina Arroyuelo; Volodymyr (Vlad) Kazantsev; amukh18; Du Phan; Thummanoon Kunanuntakij; Alexandre ANDORRA; Thomas Wiecki; Smit Sanghavi; Matt Boggess; Junpeng Lao; Seth Axen; Raúl Peralta Lozada; Paul Anzel; Kyle Beauchamp; Justin Bois; Hector; GWeindel; Adrian Seyboldt; Andy Gimblett

Patch release on v0.8.0. Changes are:

Maintenance and fixes
  • Fixed bug in from_pymc3 when used with PyMC3<3.9 (#1203)
  • Fixed enforcement of rcParam plot.max_subplots in plot_trace and plot_pair (#1205)
  • Removed extra subplot row and column in in plot_pair with marginal=True (#1205)
  • Added latest PyMC3 release to CI in addition to using GitHub master (#1207)
  • Use dev as version indicator in online documentation (#1204)

See also detailed change log of v0.8.0

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