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Towards a Realistic Explosion Landscape for Binary Population Synthesis

Patton, Rachel A; Sukhbold, Tuguldur

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        Towards a Realistic Explosion Landscape for Binary Population Synthesis


        Patton, Rachel A. and Sukhbold, Tuguldur

 (Submitted to MNRAS)

- Detailed descriptions of calculations are provided in the paper, but
  please feel free to get in touch with any of us with questions, or
  if you need something that is not provided here.

    Rachel Patton = patton[dot]502[at]osu[dot]edu
    Tuguldur Sukhbold = tuguldur[dot]s[at]gmail[dot]com
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Below are brief descriptions of each dataset. More details can be found in the paper.

kepler_table.tar.gz (1.0GB)
-These are tables for our entire set of 3496 KEPLER CO-core models, containing the final presupernova structure and composition quantities for each zone. Core masses range from 2.5 to 10.0 in increments of 0.1 Msun and the initial composition ranges from 5% carbon and 95% oxygen to 50% carbon and oxygen, in incrmeents of 1%. Each file has the naming convention "mA_B.ktbl" where A is the core mass in Msun (2.5, 2.6, etc.) and B represents the initial carbon mass fraction as the number of increments of 0.01 taken from 0.05 (5%). For example, the file 'm8.0_27.ktbl' would be for an 8 Msun core with an initial carbon mass fraction of 0.32 (= 0.05 + 27*0.01).

kepler_datatset.tar.gz (30.4KB)
-This folder contains four tables listing the presupernova parameters evaluated from all of our KEPLER CO-cores: M_fe, the iron core mass, M4, the mass enclosed where the entropy per baryon reaches 4 Kb, mu_4, the radial gradient of mass at the location of M4, and xi_2.5, the compactness parameter. See section#3 of our paper for details on how these were evaluated. Columns represent each CO-core mass and rows represent starting carbon mass fraction.

inlist (2.8KB)
-This is the inlist used to create 760 MESA (version 7624) CO-core models, presented in section#4.1. The only thing that changes between models is the CO-core mass, set by 'initial_mass' and the composition, set by 'accretion_species_xa(1)' and 'accretion_species_xa(2)'. In our grid, we covered the same mass and composition range as the KEPLER models, keeping the same mass increment but increasing the carbon mass increment from 0.01 to 0.05.

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