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Embedding 5G solutions enabling new business scenarios in Media and Entertainment Industry

Caruso, Giuseppa; Nucci, Francesco Saverio; Rizou, Stamatia; Magen, Jaques; Agapiou, George; Trakadas, Panagiotis; Gordo, Oscar Prieto

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  <dc:creator>Caruso, Giuseppa</dc:creator>
  <dc:creator>Nucci, Francesco Saverio</dc:creator>
  <dc:creator>Rizou, Stamatia</dc:creator>
  <dc:creator>Magen, Jaques</dc:creator>
  <dc:creator>Agapiou, George</dc:creator>
  <dc:creator>Trakadas, Panagiotis</dc:creator>
  <dc:creator>Gordo, Oscar Prieto</dc:creator>
  <dc:description>5G is promising a drastic change when it comes to providing services to vertical sectors. At technology level, different initiatives are working on finding new or more efficient solutions for solving aspects related to 5G. Those technologies are expected to deeply change the market for all the involved stakeholders. This paper aims to give a view of the 5G-MEDIA project on how the market could change by means of the introduction of technologies for empowering the 5G value, looking at it from the perspective of the vertical domain, specifically for media organizations. The paper presents three business scenarios, as a potential future roadmap for the adoption of the technologies resulting from the project.</dc:description>
  <dc:description>This work is part of the 5G-MEDIA project which has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 761699.</dc:description>
  <dc:subject>5G stakeholders</dc:subject>
  <dc:subject>5G technologies</dc:subject>
  <dc:subject>business scenarios</dc:subject>
  <dc:subject>Media industry</dc:subject>
  <dc:title>Embedding 5G solutions enabling new business scenarios in Media and Entertainment Industry</dc:title>
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