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The measurement of the circle in Naṣīr al-Dīn al-Ṭūsī's Revision of the 'middle books' (Taḥrīr al- mutawassiṭāt)

Lit L.W. Cornelis

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  "abstract": "<p>The mathematical treatises known as Ta\u1e25r\u012br al-mutawassi\u1e6d\u0101t, &ldquo;Revision of the Middle</p>\n\n<p>books&rdquo;, are a collection of Greek and Arabic treatises which were re-edited by Na\u1e63\u012br</p>\n\n<p>al-D\u012bn al-\u1e6c\u016bs\u012b. This paper explores the nature of the editorial work \u1e6c\u016bs\u012b did, showing</p>\n\n<p>that it is not a simple rendering of the original text but that it involves major</p>\n\n<p>revisions and in fact original additions. For the first time, a collated version of</p>\n\n<p>\u1e6c\u016bs\u012b&rsquo;s revision on the treatise on the measurement of the circle (by Archimedes) is</p>\n\n<p>provided. A translation of the Arabic text is put side by side with a rendition of the</p>\n\n<p>treatise as it was circulated before \u1e6c\u016bs\u012b&rsquo;s time. An in-depth analysis of the text</p>\n\n<p>elucidates the nature of \u1e6c\u016bs\u012b&rsquo;s contributions to the text. This article also provides</p>\n\n<p>modest corrections to earlier studies by W. R. Knorr and P. Luckey.</p>", 
  "title": "The measurement of the circle in Na\u1e63\u012br al-D\u012bn al-\u1e6c\u016bs\u012b's Revision of the 'middle books' (Ta\u1e25r\u012br al- mutawassi\u1e6d\u0101t)", 
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