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Suhrawardī, Ibn ʿArabī, and the World of Image: One term different meanings

Lit, L.W. Cornelis van

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  "DOI": "10.5281/zenodo.3757141", 
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      "family": "Lit, L.W. Cornelis van"
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  "abstract": "<p>After summarizing the idea associated with the term &lsquo;world of image&rsquo; within the discourse&nbsp;of Suhraward\u012b and his commentators, I discuss relevant terminology and argumentation&nbsp;in Ibn \u02bfArab\u012b&rsquo;s two major texts, al-Fut\u016b\u1e25\u0101t al-makkiyya and Fu\u1e63\u016b\u1e63 al-\u1e25ikam. This will&nbsp;show that to argue for a Suhrawardian influence&nbsp;requires interpreting certain passages&nbsp;very favorably, while ignoring the philosophical context in which Ibn \u02bfArab\u012b makes these&nbsp;remarks. I then do the same for Ibn \u02bfArab\u012b&rsquo;s most important early commentators,&nbsp;additionally pointing out that this issue was still further developed from commentator&nbsp;to commentator. I end with examples of how the two discourses perceived each other,&nbsp;namely, as largely in agreement on certain issues yet fundamentally different.</p>", 
  "title": "Suhraward\u012b, Ibn \u02bfArab\u012b, and the World of Image: One term different meanings", 
  "type": "article-journal", 
  "id": "3757141"
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