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Experience Learnt from a Successful Soft Stimulation and Operational Feedback after 2 Years of Geothermal Power and Heat Production in Rittershoffen and Soultz-sous-Forêts Plants (Alsace, France)

Baujard, Clément; Genter, Albert; Cuenot, Nicolas; Mouchot, Justine; Maurer, Vincent; Hehn, Régis; Ravier, Guillaume; Seibel, Olivier; Vidal, Jeanne

The deep geothermal industrial sites of Rittershoffen and Soultz-sous-Forêts are located within the French side of the Upper Rhine Graben. A brief overview of the sites is proposed, with a focus on well treatments, especially on the successful stimulation in the injection well of Rittershoffen , as a lot of data is available. The stimulation efficiency of every reservoir development phase could be precisely quantified. Combined seismic and hydraulic data analysis  lead to a better understanding of the reservoir development processes. In the end, an extensive feedback after more than 2 years operations of both sites is proposed, as a detailed monitoring (including chemical, seismological and production/injection parameters) is carried out in Soultz and also in Rittershoffen.

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