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A survey of the phonology of the feature [+nasal]

Cohn, Abigail C.

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  "description": "<p>In recent years, nasalization has been a topic of interest in both phonetics and<br>\nphonology. Within phonetics, there has been work on the acoustics of nasalization.<br>\nincluding the acoustic effects of vowel nasalization (Beddor (1983), Hawkins and Stevens<br>\n(1985) among others). Work in phonology has included consideration of rules of nasal<br>\nspreading (Anderson (1972). Hyman (1972; 1982) Poser (1981; 1982) among others) and<br>\nof typologies of nasal segment inventories (Ferguson (1963; 1974), Ruhlen (1978).<br>\nMaddieson (1984)). Despite this interest, there is no single source in the literature that<br>\nprovides an overview of the co-occurrence of inventories and rules. The database<br>\npresented in this report was compiled to provide such information. The focus is on<br>\nlanguages with inventories or rules deemed unusual.</p>\n\n<p>Issues addressed in this report include the status of the feature [nasal], i.e. the types of<br>\ninventories of sounds that have [nasal] as a distinctive feature; the behavior of rules<br>\ninvolving the feature [nasal] and their interaction with different kinds of nasal inventories;<br>\nand general issues that cut across both of the above topics.</p>\n\n<p>In order to consider these issues, I have compiled a corpus of 165 languages.<br>\nInformation about the patterning of the feature [nasal] in each of these languages was<br>\nentered into a database. This information was gathered through a computerized search and<br>\nfrom several major sources about nasals and nasalization.</p>\n\n<p>In Section 1 of this paper, I discuss the questions that I sought to address through this<br>\ndatabase. This is followed, in Section 2, by a brief description of the major secondary<br>\nsources consulted. This includes a description of the kinds of theoretical questions<br>\naddressed by each author, and the sorts of language information presented. In Section 3. I<br>\ngive a brief description of the construction of the database. including the type of language<br>\ndata used. In Section 4, I present results and discussion. This is followed by an appendix with a description of the format of the database and a database entry for each language and<br>\na bibliography of both theoretical works and the language references cited in the database.</p>", 
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  "headline": "A survey of the phonology of the feature [+nasal]", 
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  "name": "A survey of the phonology of the feature [+nasal]"
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