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IAMconsortium/pyam: Release v0.5.0

Daniel Huppmann; Matthew Gidden; Zeb Nicholls; Nikolay Kushin; OFR-IIASA; Rlamboll; rossursino; lumbric; Philipp S. Sommer; Michael Pimmer; Jarmo Kikstra; Arfon Smith

Release v0.5.0 Highlights

  • Improved feature for unit conversion using the pint package and the IAMconsortium/units repository, providing out-of-the-box conversion of unit definitions commonly used in integrated assessment research and energy systems modelling; see this tutorial for more information
  • Increased support for operations on timeseries data with continuous-time resolution
  • New tutorial for working with various input data formats; take a look here
  • Rewrite and extension of the documentation pages for the API; read the new docs!
API changes

PR #341 changed the API of IamDataFrame.convert_unit() from a dictionary to explicit kwargs current, to and factor (now optional, using pint if not specified).

PR #334 changed the arguments of IamDataFrame.interpolate() and pyam.fill_series() to time. It can still be an integer (i.e., a year).

With PR #337, initializing an IamDataFrame with n/a entries in columns other than value raises an error.

Individual Updates
  • #354 Fixes formatting of API parameter docstrings
  • #352 Bugfix when using interpolate() on data with extra columns
  • #349 Fixes an issue with checking that time columns are equal when appending IamDataFrames
  • #348 Extend pages for API docs, clean up docstrings, and harmonize formatting
  • #347 Enable contexts and custom UnitRegistry with unit conversion
  • #341 Use pint and IIASA-ene-units repo for unit conversion
  • #339 Add tutorial for dataframe format io
  • #337 IamDataFrame to throw an error when initialized with n/a entries in columns other than value
  • #334 Enable interpolate to work on datetimes

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