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Dwa przypadki zawleczeń Callidiellum villosulum (Fairmaire, 1900) (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) do kontynentalnej Europy

Jacek Kurzawa; Sebastian Stępień; Monika Bobrek; Rafał Bobrek

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  "publisher": "Zenodo", 
  "DOI": "10.5281/zenodo.3726708", 
  "container_title": "Acta entomologica silesiana", 
  "language": "pol", 
  "title": "Dwa przypadki zawlecze\u0144 Callidiellum villosulum (Fairmaire, 1900) (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) do kontynentalnej Europy", 
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    "date-parts": [
  "abstract": "<p><strong>Two interceptions of <em>Callidiellum villosulum</em> (Fairmaire, 1900) (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) in continental Europe.</strong><br>\nThe paper presents data on first two interceptions of <em>Callidiellum villosulum </em>(Fairmaire, 1900) (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) in continental Europe. At the turn of January and February 2019, in Cracow and Warsaw cities in Poland, few specimens of this species emerged from elements of rodent bridges made of <em>Cryptomeria</em> cf. <em>japonica</em>. The research findings highlight the role of pet shops and pet trade in spreading the alien species, as well as determine the possibilities of further introduction and reproduction of the species in Central Europe. The identification key is proposed to genus <em>Callidiellum</em>.</p>", 
  "author": [
      "family": "Jacek Kurzawa"
      "family": "Sebastian St\u0119pie\u0144"
      "family": "Monika Bobrek"
      "family": "Rafa\u0142 Bobrek"
  "page": "1-6", 
  "volume": "28", 
  "type": "article-journal", 
  "issue": "online002", 
  "id": "3726708"
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