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Cadavers, Transactions and Birth of Knowledge: Scanning Disposable Bodies in Padmanabhan's Harvest and the Visible Human Project

Asijit Datta

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    <subfield code="a">Cadavers, Transactions and Birth of Knowledge: Scanning Disposable Bodies in Padmanabhan's Harvest and the Visible Human Project</subfield>
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    <subfield code="a">&lt;p&gt;This paper attempts to read Manjula Padmanabhan&amp;rsquo;s play Harvest under the humanist scanner of the&lt;br&gt;
Visible Human Project (VHP). The VHP not only dilutes the distinction between living and non-living&lt;br&gt;
bodies, the project in turn metamorphoses human substance into bio-graphics. Appropriating the bodies&lt;br&gt;
of the not-fully-humans and converting them into medical offerings and sacrificial objects are aspects&lt;br&gt;
visible both in the field of VHP and the ever-expanding arena of organ &amp;lsquo;donation&amp;rsquo;. However,&lt;br&gt;
Padmanabhan&amp;rsquo;s text destroys the myth of the renouncing, surrendering woman submitting her (dead)&lt;br&gt;
body for the greater good of society through the libidinal, uncontrollable, interrogating body of Jaya.&lt;/p&gt;</subfield>
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