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digicademy/svsal: SvSal v2.0.1

David Glueck; Andreas Wagner

MARC21 XML Export

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
<record xmlns="">
  <controlfield tag="005">20200316202013.0</controlfield>
  <controlfield tag="001">3712023</controlfield>
  <datafield tag="700" ind1=" " ind2=" ">
    <subfield code="a">Andreas Wagner</subfield>
  <datafield tag="856" ind1="4" ind2=" ">
    <subfield code="s">57656126</subfield>
    <subfield code="z">md5:52945d7c0d82b54f95c5e8e27a36fbe3</subfield>
    <subfield code="u"></subfield>
  <datafield tag="542" ind1=" " ind2=" ">
    <subfield code="l">open</subfield>
  <datafield tag="260" ind1=" " ind2=" ">
    <subfield code="c">2020-03-16</subfield>
  <datafield tag="909" ind1="C" ind2="O">
    <subfield code="p">software</subfield>
    <subfield code="o"></subfield>
  <datafield tag="100" ind1=" " ind2=" ">
    <subfield code="a">David Glueck</subfield>
  <datafield tag="245" ind1=" " ind2=" ">
    <subfield code="a">digicademy/svsal: SvSal v2.0.1</subfield>
  <datafield tag="540" ind1=" " ind2=" ">
    <subfield code="a">Other (Open)</subfield>
  <datafield tag="650" ind1="1" ind2="7">
    <subfield code="a">cc-by</subfield>
    <subfield code="2"></subfield>
  <datafield tag="520" ind1=" " ind2=" ">
    <subfield code="a">&lt;p&gt;This is a minor release containing a few small enhancements and bug fixes.&lt;/p&gt;
&lt;li&gt;added endpoints for statistical data to API (#86)&lt;/li&gt;
&lt;li&gt;enhanced commenting on extraction of rdf triples&lt;/li&gt;
&lt;li&gt;added i18n data for div types "dict" and "lemma"&lt;/li&gt;
&lt;p&gt;Bug fixes:&lt;/p&gt;
&lt;li&gt;fixed wording of title in stats teaser (works overview)&lt;/li&gt;
&lt;li&gt;made "Load preceding text" button visible in reading view with very small screens&lt;/li&gt;
&lt;li&gt;fixed error handling in index.xqm and stats.xqm&lt;/li&gt;
&lt;p&gt;Documentation fixes:&lt;/p&gt;
&lt;li&gt;corrected illustration of TEI/index nodes&lt;/li&gt;
&lt;p&gt;Find the easter egg ;-)&lt;/p&gt;</subfield>
  <datafield tag="773" ind1=" " ind2=" ">
    <subfield code="n">url</subfield>
    <subfield code="i">isSupplementTo</subfield>
    <subfield code="a"></subfield>
  <datafield tag="773" ind1=" " ind2=" ">
    <subfield code="n">doi</subfield>
    <subfield code="i">isVersionOf</subfield>
    <subfield code="a">10.5281/zenodo.1186520</subfield>
  <datafield tag="024" ind1=" " ind2=" ">
    <subfield code="a">10.5281/zenodo.3712023</subfield>
    <subfield code="2">doi</subfield>
  <datafield tag="980" ind1=" " ind2=" ">
    <subfield code="a">software</subfield>
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