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Practices and policies of preprint platforms for life and biomedical sciences

Penfold, Naomi C; Murphy, Fiona L M; Kirkham, Jamie J

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  note         = {{ASAPbio ( is a scientist- 
                   driven non-profit promoting transparency and
                   innovation in life science communication and
                   receives funding for preprints-related work from:
                   - The Wellcome Trust (UK) - Chan Zuckerberg
                   Initiative (USA) - Howard Hughes Medical Institute
                   (USA) - Simons Foundation (USA) - Medical Research
                   Council (UK) - Canadian Institutes of Health
                   Research (CA) Members of this group were involved
                   in determining the practices, features and
                   policies to survey. More information about this
                   group is at
                   group.   A Steering Group collaborating with Dr
                   Kirkham advised on the list of platforms to survey
                   and initial methodology: - Isabelle Boutron,
                   INSERM, U1153 Epidemiology and Biostatistics
                   Sorbonne Paris Cité Research Center (CRESS),
                   Methods of therapeutic evaluation of chronic
                   diseases Team (METHODS), Paris, F-75004 France,
                   and Paris Descartes University, Sorbonne Paris
                   Cité, Paris, France - John PA Ioannidis, Meta-
                   Research Innovation Center at Stanford (METRICS),
                   Stanford University, Stanford, CA, USA - John R
                   Inglis, bioRxiv, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, NY
                   11724, USA  The list of platforms and attributes
                   to survey was informed by work by Martyn Rittman
                   (open spreadsheet of preprint servers: https://doc
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