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OPENDAP/olfs: OLFS 1.18.6 for Hyrax 1.16.1

Nathan Potter; James Gallagher; The Robot Travis; Uday Kari; ideaesb; Riley Rimer; Slav Korolev

OLFS 1.18.6 requires

  • bes-3.20.6
  • libdap4-3.20.5
  • Added (alpha) support support for server authentication credentials

    • Environment injection support for besstandalone and besd
    • A credentials configuration file for multiple sets, in which credentials are associated with URL prefixes and multiple credentials can be defined in a bes.conf environment.
  • Combined Logs: The server can now be configured to add the OLFS request log content to the BES log.

  • Earthdata Login User Authentication Support

  • The Data Request Form requires data selection is now a configuration parameter, <RequireUserSelection /> in the olfs.xml file.

  • NoDynamicNavigation - Added a trial configuration parameter <NoDynamicNavigation/> to the olfs.xml file. If this element is uncommented in the olfs.xml file then all of the dynamically generated catalog/navigation pages will be disabled. When enabled the server admin must either supply and maintain THREDDS catalogs to be read by the server, or they have to provide their own system of navigation and discovery to generate links to the dataset endpoints (ex. Data Request Form)

Performance Improvements
  • No DAS construction for data response.
Bugs Fixed
  • Memory leak fixed and unneeded copy removed in awsv4 code
  • CovJson patch.
  • ncml_handler: When an NCML aggregation named a dataset that the server could not read... crsh. Fixed..
  • Server cache stabilization
  • hdf4_handler: Fixed memory leaks
  • hdf5_handler: Fixed memory leaks

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