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mjucker/MiMA: MiMA v1.1

Martin Jucker; Edwin P. Gerber

New functionality
  • Commit e51ea5c7472e62c4affd934db1d838224f63686a: Possibility to start from arbitrary initial conditions. See "Lifecycle calculations" in the docs for details.
        specify_initial_conditions = .true.
  • Commit d4ae0aa: Possibility to use the navy topography as land mask. This works the same as topography_option = 'interpolated', which looks for the navy topography data and interpolates on the MiMA grid. This does not require a land mask on the same grid as the simulation.

         land_opttion = 'interpolated'
         water_file = 'INPUT/'
  • Commit 70de265affc6dcd73454b7c99f05ff0eba288a26: Possibility to use an external file as land mask. Within the mask, any value > 0 is considered land.

          land_option  = 'input',
          land_sea_mask_file = 'lmask_filename',
  • Commit 747259b8543ee0d31c8e3f50359b9eab6cffa5b7: Possibility to use topography as land mask (as possible already before), with additional threshold parameter. Land capacity is applied only where zsurf > zsurf_cap_limit [m2/s2]
      land_option = 'zsurf',
      zsurf_cap_limit = 10.,
  • Commits 89bac70bf5d44d71ddab99fe946907b49b0d1c57 and ec8c0447d39c180de049c6116a4c7a6bdbca760d: Possibility to add synthetic local heating anywhere in the atmosphere. This heating (or cooling if amplitude < 0) is described with a Gaussian in longitude, latitude and log-pressure. Zonally symmetric heating can be achieved by setting loncenter to a negative value. There is also the possibility for seasonal variation (positive parts of cosine) with cosine wave number hk and phase hphase. The wave number determines the length and recurrence of the heating during a calendar year, and the phase the months of the year when heating is active. The heating can be activated with the following input parameters:
      do_local_heating = .true.,
      hamp = A [K/d],
      loncenter = lambda_0 [degrees]
      loncenter = lambda_0 [degrees],
      latwidth  = delta_phi [degrees],
      latwidth  = delta_phi [degrees],
      pcenter   = p_0 [hPa],
      pwidth    = delta_p [decades hPa],
      hk        = wave_num [],
      hphase    = wave_phase [multiples of Pi]
    # Bugfixes
  • Commit d4ae0aa: Mixed layer depth is now computed only once during initialisation, rather than at every time step.
  • Commit 8e998c2: Diffusivity above planetary boundary layer could be non-zero. This has been fixed thanks to a contribution from Paul O'Gorman
  • Commit c32298e30c7c7368d1bc9632fa45707fd32381cb: Output files produce a calendar attribute with value 360. However, the input files need to have a calendar thirty_day_months, and don't understand the 360 calendar. This is now fixed, which makes it easier to use previous output to force a new simulation
  • Commit 902ddacc10b8ab69a43a1ae99552784d108a948b: Bugfix in the conversion of warmpool_phase from degrees to radians
  • Commit 4319be8b52280322f6b9dd7c628a17af3e66cd18: The phase of the warmpool, i.e. warmpool_phase has been switched to work as expected. Setting warmpool_phase = x will now have the warmpool peak at longitude x
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