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pyvista/pyvista: Bug fixes, improvements, and new widgets/filters

Bane Sullivan; Alex Kaszynski; Guillaume Favelier; Henrik Åhl; Simon Frei; math-artist; Tetsuo Koyama; Leonardo Uieda; Keurfon Luu; Eric Larson; Dieter Werthmüller; michi1510; Nicolas Cedilnik; Mikolaj Magnuski; MatthewFlamm; Marco Musy; Jiawei Zhuang; JasonTLin; Guillaume Jacquenot; Florian Wagner; Denis Sergeev; Ashley Scillitoe

New Contributors

Be sure to welcome and thank these folks for their contributions!

  • tkoyama010
  • MatthewFlamm
  • math-artist
New Features
  • Add file drag 'n' drop to BackgroundPlotter (see #567)
  • New extract_subset filter for UniformGrid (see #569)
  • New GPU details in Report (see #512)
  • New text slider widget (see #518)
  • Enable depth peeling by default (see #529)
  • New sample over line filter (see #525)
  • New checkbox button widget (see #528)
  • Refactor axes widget to be on any renderer in subplots (see #536 and #565)
  • Refactor BasePlotter's wrapping of Renderer to improve interface and docs (see #552)
  • Improve meshio support and enable meshio objects to be passed to PyVista (see #559 and #568)
  • Improve repr for camera position (see #537)
  • Updates to visible cell selecting (see #571)
  • Add original point IDs to geodesic filter (see #544)
Bug Fixes
  • Fix slider widget coordinate parameters (see #511)
  • Fix mesh name issues that prevented plotting in for-loops (see #521)
  • Fix issues when instantiating RectilinearGrid (see #530)
  • Fix brown plotting color (see #538)
  • Fixes to CylinderStructured (see #561 and #577)
  • Fix issues managing active scalars in widget plotting routines (see #533)
  • Fix issues with getitem on MultiBlock datasets (see #563)
  • Fix issue when volume rendering 3D NumPy arrays (see #575)
  • Fix combine filter for MultiBlock datasets (see #535)
  • Fixes to pyvista.voxelize (see #546)
  • Update copy_meta_from to deep copy textures (see #564)

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