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H0LiCOW distance likelihoods in MontePython

Stefan Taubenberger; Sherry H. Suyu

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    <subfield code="a">H0LiCOW</subfield>
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    <subfield code="a">Cosmology</subfield>
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    <subfield code="u">Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics / Technical University of Munich</subfield>
    <subfield code="0">(orcid)0000-0001-5568-6052</subfield>
    <subfield code="a">Sherry H. Suyu</subfield>
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    <subfield code="c">2020-02-05</subfield>
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    <subfield code="p">software</subfield>
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    <subfield code="u">Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics</subfield>
    <subfield code="0">(orcid)0000-0002-4265-1958</subfield>
    <subfield code="a">Stefan Taubenberger</subfield>
  <datafield tag="245" ind1=" " ind2=" ">
    <subfield code="a">H0LiCOW distance likelihoods in MontePython</subfield>
  <datafield tag="536" ind1=" " ind2=" ">
    <subfield code="c">771776</subfield>
    <subfield code="a">Cosmic Fireworks Première: Unravelling Enigmas of Type Ia Supernova Progenitor and Cosmology through Strong Lensing</subfield>
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    <subfield code="a">Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International</subfield>
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    <subfield code="a">&lt;p&gt;Implementation of the 6-lens likelihoods of the H0LiCOW lensing distance measurements in the MontePython software (tested in MontePython 3.1.0).&amp;nbsp; The implementation is available at:&lt;br&gt;;/p&gt;

&lt;p&gt;If you make use of the distance measurements (time-delay distance and/or lens angular diameter distance) to the 6 lens systems from H0LiCOW, please cite the relevant publications:&lt;/p&gt;

	&lt;li&gt;&lt;a href=""&gt;Suyu et al. 2010&lt;/a&gt; (B1608+656 time-delay distance fit)&lt;/li&gt;
	&lt;li&gt;&lt;a href=""&gt;Jee et al. 2019&lt;/a&gt; (B1608+656 angular diameter distance fit)&lt;/li&gt;
	&lt;li&gt;&lt;a href=""&gt;Chen et al. 2019&lt;/a&gt;, &lt;a href=""&gt;Wong et al. 2017&lt;/a&gt; (HE0435-1223 distance posterior)&lt;/li&gt;
	&lt;li&gt;&lt;a href=""&gt;Birrer et al. 2019&lt;/a&gt; (J1206+4332 distance posterior)&lt;/li&gt;
	&lt;li&gt;&lt;a href=""&gt;Chen et al. 2019&lt;/a&gt;, &lt;a href=""&gt;Suyu et al. 2014&lt;/a&gt; (RXJ1131-1231 distance posterior)&lt;/li&gt;
	&lt;li&gt;&lt;a href=""&gt;Chen et al. 2019&lt;/a&gt; (PG1115+080 distance posterior)&lt;/li&gt;
	&lt;li&gt;&lt;a href=""&gt;Rusu et al. 2019&lt;/a&gt; (WFI2033-4723 distance posterior)&lt;/li&gt;
	&lt;li&gt;&lt;a href=""&gt;Wong et al. 2019&lt;/a&gt; (combined inference)&lt;/li&gt;

&lt;p&gt;For MontePython (&lt;a href=""&gt;Brinckmann &amp;amp; Lesgourgues 2019&lt;/a&gt;; &lt;a href=""&gt;Audren et al. 2013&lt;/a&gt;), please see:&lt;br&gt;;/p&gt;</subfield>
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    <subfield code="a"></subfield>
  <datafield tag="773" ind1=" " ind2=" ">
    <subfield code="n">doi</subfield>
    <subfield code="i">isVersionOf</subfield>
    <subfield code="a">10.5281/zenodo.3632966</subfield>
  <datafield tag="024" ind1=" " ind2=" ">
    <subfield code="a">10.5281/zenodo.3632967</subfield>
    <subfield code="2">doi</subfield>
  <datafield tag="980" ind1=" " ind2=" ">
    <subfield code="a">software</subfield>
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