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Model-observation and reanalyses comparison at key locations for heat transport to the Arctic (D2.1)

Moat, Ben; Herbaut, Christophe; Larsen, Karin Margretha; Hansen, Bogi; Sinha, Bablu; Sanchez-Franks, Alejandra; Houpert, Loic; Liu, Yang; Hazeleger, Wilco; Attema, Jisk; Yeager, Stephen; Small, Justin; Valdimarsson, Hedinn; Berx, Barbara; Cunningham, Stuart; Houpert, Loic; Hallam, Samantha; Woodgate, Rebecca; Lee, Craig; Kwon, Young Oh; Flemming, Laura; Mercier, Herle; Jochumsen, Kerstin; Mecking, Jennifer; Holliday, Penny Holliday; Josey, Simon

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