Dataset Open Access

Results of the 9th International Competition on Software Verification (SV-COMP 2020)

Beyer, Dirk

This archive contains the results of the
9th Competition on Software Verification (SV-COMP 2020)

The competition was run by Dirk Beyer, LMU Munich, Germany.

Copyright (C) Dirk Beyer

SPDX-License-Identifier: CC-BY-4.0

To browse the competition results with a web browser, there are two options:
- start a local web server using
  php -S localhost:8000
  in order to view the data in this archive, or
- browse
  in order to view the data on the SV-COMP web page.


index.html          directs to the overview web page
LICENSE.txt         specifies the license
README.txt          this file
results-validated/  results of validation runs
results-verified/   results of verification runs and aggregated results

The folder results-validated/ contains the results from validation runs:

- *.xml.bz2         XML results from BenchExec
- *    output from tools
- *.json.gz         mapping from files names to SHA 256 hashes for the file content

The folder results-verified/ contains the results from verification runs and aggregated results:

index.html               overview web page with rankings and score table
*.xml.bz2                XML results from BenchExec
*.merged.xml.bz2         XML results from BenchExec, status adjusted according to the validation results
*           output from tools
*.json.gz                mapping from files names to SHA 256 hashes for the file content
*.xml.bz2.table.html     HTML views on the detailed results data as generated by BenchExec's table generator
*.All.table.html         HTML views of the full benchmark set (all categories) for each tool
META_*.table.html        HTML views of the benchmark set for each meta category for each tool, and over all tools
<category>*.table.html   HTML views of the benchmark set for each category over all tools
iZeCa0gaey.html          HTML views per tool
validatorStatistics.html Statictics of the validator runs

quantilePlot-*           score-based quantile plots as visualization of the results      example Gnuplot script to generate a plot
score*                   accumulated score results in various formats

The hashes of the files (in the files *.json.gz) are useful for
- validating the exact contents of a file and
- accessing the files from the witness store.

The witness store from SV-COMP 2020 is available at:
The verification tasks, version svcomp20, are available at:
BenchExec, version 2.5.1, is available at:

All benchmarks were executed
for SV-COMP 2020,
by Dirk Beyer, LMU Munich
based on the components  testcomp20-freeze-1-g2518814029  svcomp20  2.5

Feel free to contact me in case of questions:


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