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D3.6 Interworking test suites

Ramón Pérez; Matteo Pergolesi; Gianluca Reali; Marc Molla; Ignacio Benito; Gopalasingham Aravinthan; Laurent Roullet; Giacomo Bernini; Grzegorz Panek; Juan Rodríguez; Lourdes Luque; Luis Miguel Contreras; Evangelos Kosmatos,; Christos Ntogkas; Giancarlo Sacco; Mara Piccinino; Andreas Tzoulis; Kostas Trichias

Deliverable D3.6 is the first deliverable related to the Interworking Framework testing and it describes the test cases that are executed for the validation and performance assessment of the Interworking Layer implementation. This deliverable is intended to be aligned with D3.3 [1], which contains the first implementation of the Interworking Framework, as all the components and capabilities exposed by the I/W Framework must be tested in order to verify their correct operation before deploying them in a real production environment.
For achieving this, firstly the testing methodology that will be applied for the definition of the Interworking test suites is presented. In this case, the principles of software project testing are proposed, as there are a lot of similarities between this kind of developments and the I/W Framework itself; i.e. both can be decomposed into small test units that can be tested separately, verifying their correct operation in an isolated way. After that, the different components of the architecture can be integrated in a more complex solution which can be also tested in order to validate these new interactions. This process is repeated until reaching to the complete system itself, integrating all the components of the architecture and testing the overall system.
After describing the key aspects of the testing methodology to be applied, the components and capabilities to be tested in the Interworking Layer are presented, defining the testing points that must be considered for specifying the different test suites. Note that this deliverable only covers the formal definition of the test, in a tabular format, while the provision of the necessary scripts to execute the tests, the execution of these scripts and the results evaluation are tasks which are covered by D3.7, which is the second and last deliverable related to I/W testing purposes.
Furthermore, the testing plan is also aligned with the 5G EVE project roadmap planned for the final delivery regarding the Interworking Layer, which is presented in D3.3 – section 5 [1]. As a reminder, this updated roadmap defines two extra, intermediate deliveries that were not part of the original proposal, but it is foreseen they could be important to this project: Drop 1 at the end of 2019, for providing support of the execution of selected use cases, and Drop 2 for aligning the WP4 deliveries with an I/W Framework delivery that allows to test the end-to-end services provided by the Portal.
Finally, it is also defined a set of testing tools that may be useful for building the different test cases defined in the deliverable. These tools are partially inherited from all the work already done in WP5 regarding the testing and validation methodologies to be applied during the execution of tests. However, the selection of the tools and the environment to be used for testing the different test suites will be also defined in D3.7, as it is closer to the implementation part instead of the formal definition of tests.

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