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Vertical profiles time series of bird density and flight speed vector (01.01.2018-01.01.2019).

Raphaël Nussbaumer


This dataset contains the vertical profiles and integrated time series of bird density and flight speed (NS and EW) used in [reference]. Data are stored in a JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) file for each radar, with the following structure:

   "name"        : "bejab", //code name of the radar (
   "lat"         : 51.1917, //Latitude
   "lon"         : 3.0642, //Longitude
   "height"      : 50, //Elevation of the radar antenna [m] a.s.l.
   "heightDEM"   : 0, //Elevation of the ground [m] a.s.l.
   "dens"        : [[...],...], //Bird density [1/km3]
   "sd_vvp"      : [[...],...], //
   "u"           : [[...],...], //Bird flight speed in East(+)/West(-) [m/s]
   "v"           : [[...],...], //Bird flight speed in North(+)/South(-) [m/s]
   "densSIMmean" : [[...],...], //Average bird density over 30 simulation over first elevation bins. (see [reference] for more details). [1/km3]
   "volDir"      : [[...],...], //Normalised volume of air available for flight [m] (see [reference] for more details)
   "windu"       : [[...],...], //Wind speed in East(+)/West(-) [m/s]
   "windv"       : [[...],...], //Wind speed in North(+)/South(-) [m/s]
   "insect"      : [[...],...], //Insect proportion (0-1) [-]

Two dimensional dataset (array of arrays) are given as time x elevation where time is provided as another JSON file and elevation bins are centred at [100, 300, 500 , ... , 4900]


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