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simpeg/discretize v0.4.11

Lindsey Heagy; Rowan Cockett; Gudni Karl Rosenkjaer; dom; Joseph Capriotti; SEOGI KANG; David Marchant; Bane Sullivan; Devin C. Cowan; Michael Mitchell; Dieter Werthmüller; Thibaut Astic; Luz Angelica Caudillo Mata; Brendan Smithyman; Franklin Koch; Christoph Gohlke; Michael Wathen; Cody

This is a patch to fix a few bugs that have popped up over the last few months, as well as a single function addition to output only the model for a TreeMesh.

Also we have dropped testing of discretize on Python 2.7 as it is officially in end-of-life stage (as of January 1st, 2020).

From #191: Enables discretize to be installed on a system without NumPy present beforehand (for example when pip installing discretize). It also contains a small update to the curvilinear mesh view that updates that function to be in line with the other plotImage functions.

From #189: Bugfix. Slicer failed if xslice was provided without a yslice, because of wrong comparison. Before, if you provided a homogenous model, it looked like this: So the colour in the xy- and xz-plots is wrong. As soon as you scroll, the colour in the yz-plot will change to the wrong colour too.

With the bug-fix, they all get the right colour, and will remain correct if scrolling:

The bug only affects homogeneous fullspaces, which caused an issue with the range used by colorbar().

From #187: We can output models through the writeUBC method of the TreeMesh. However, we might want, for symmetry with TensorMesh, also have the writeModelUBC function, which will only write out the model.

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