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Tonproduktion zweier Titel des Funk-Ensembles "Rhythmussportgruppe"

Leckschat, Dieter; Epe, Christian; Dahlheimer, Niklas; Bier, Maximilian; Prinz, Lukas; Schulte, Hendrik

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  note         = {{This publication contains stimuli of a jazz / funk 
                   sound production. One of the pieces was composed
                   specifically for this project. A professional
                   clarification of media and copyright issues, an
                   important topic within the DEGA project, has been
                   implemented here as an example. The sound
                   recordings of the ten-member Düsseldorf band
                   "Rhythmussportgruppe" were made at the large
                   recording room of the University of Düsseldorf
                   with sophisticated studio acoustics. In post
                   production, different versions of the audio
                   material were made for future users. All
                   individual tracks are provided as raw microphone
                   signals as well as professionally edited versions
                   ("studio like"). Stems are also included, for
                   example ready-mixed drums as a stereo track.
                   Reference stereo mixes complete the material.}},
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