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Dog Vest: How to Find the Best Dog Vest for your ESA?


A dog vest is a specialized form of ‘dog gear’ that service and emotional support animals wear for identification. These gears come in various sizes and colors and helps in the recognition of your ESA.

It is common human nature that they want to pet the cats and dogs. While the gesture is great for your pet cats and dogs, it could be distracting for your service and emotional support animals. Since an ESA and a service animals are not pets, they should not be treated like them.If you are searching for free emotional support animal letter then make sure hit the legitimate website.

A dog vest indicating that a dog, cat or horse is an emotional support or a service animal and is here on ‘duty’. To get a perfect vest for your dog, consider the following points.


1. What is the Size of your Dog?

Measuring your dog before getting the vest is important. A vest is like a clothing item for your dog and it will not be comfortable if it is not well suited for it. Usually, the dog vest suppliers give a size chart with the product and the size that will be a fit for your animal.

Measure your dog from neck, chest and length. Leave an inch or so for greater comfort and go for an adjustable vest.


2. What are the Practical Feature of the Vest?

Is the vest easy for you to handle? Is it easy to put on and take off? If you are getting it for your service dog then make sure that you can hold and steer the handle easily. In case your dog is here to steer the wheelchair, make sure that it is not hindering its ability to do the task. 

For ESAs, the vest should have ease to attach and detach ring or hook.


3. What type of Vest Style do you Want?

Dog vests come in a number of different styles and fabrics. The style and fabric of the vest depends on the area where you live. For warmer areas, mesh and ;lightweight cotton vests are the best choice for you. In case you live in colder regions, go for a padded vest that is heavy and will keep your ESA warm.

Consider these points when looking to find the best vest for your dog but before that, get your emotional support animal letter to live and travel with your beloved friend.

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