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pyvista/pyvista: Stability Improvements and Additional Qt Support

Bane Sullivan; Alex Kaszynski; Guillaume Favelier; Henrik Åhl; Simon Frei; Leonardo Uieda; Eric Larson; Dieter Werthmüller; michi1510; Nicolas Cedilnik; Mikolaj Magnuski; Marco Musy; Keurfon Luu; Jiawei Zhuang; JasonTLin; Guillaume Jacquenot; Florian Wagner; Denis Sergeev; Ashley Scillitoe

New Contributors

Be sure to welcome and thank these folks for their contributions!

  • @keurfonluu
  • @truenicoco
  • @imsodin
High Impact
  • Resolved Windows crashes and disappearing plotters (see #502)
  • Fully dropped support for Python 2.7 (see #493)
  • Depth peeling to properly render translucent geometries (see #450)
  • Full support for reading/writing files with meshio (see #472 and #495)
  • Log scale color mapping (see #499)
  • Keyword arguments are now strongly enforced across the API (see #432)
  • the IPython tools module has been entirely removed (see #403)
New Features & Improvements
  • More camera viewing options: e.g. Plotter.view_zx
  • Gradient background colors when plotting (see #411)
  • Gaussian smoothing filter for pyvista.UniformGrid meshes (see #420 and #485 )
  • Save graphic method for SVG images (see #331)
  • More culling options (see #292)
  • Array name auto-completion in IPython when getting array (see #425)
  • More keypress events in the plotters (see #434)
  • New click position tracking in world coordinates (see #466)
  • Enabled use of custom bounds with texture_map_to_plane (see #407)
  • Document how to instantiate pyvista.MultiBlock objects (see #413)
  • Control the border of the backgroundPlotter (see #416)
  • Enable access to various contouring algorithms in the contour filter (see #421)
  • Various widgets enhancements (see #415) and bug fixes
  • Added support for passing a PolyData mesh as the box for the clip_box filter (see #433)
  • PyQt improvements (see #424 and see #498)
    • Q-key will not automatically bind to embedded Qt apps (see #508)
    • Renderers will automatically update when embedded in Qt apps now (see #509)
  • Colormaps can be defined as a list of string colors (see #445)
  • Add helper method to see if PolyData mesh is made of all triangles (see #446)
  • Clamping range added to glyph filter (see #451)
  • Major naming consistency improvements for *_scalars and *_array (see #456)
  • Use the camera transform matrix when getting/setting the camera position in scaled environments (see #476)
  • More indexing options for MultiBlock objects (see #459)
  • Enable to handle lists of file names and return MultiBlock object
  • FileNotFoundError used over IOError (see #506)
Resolved Bugs
  • Fixed clim issues with Plotter.add_mesh_slice_orthogonal
  • Fixed issue when using rng keyword with widget plotting helpers
  • Fixed Python 3.8 issues
  • Fixed usage of render_points_as_spheres with Plotter.add_point_labels
  • Fixed point labeling issues appearing in front of opaque meshes (see #366)
  • Fixed issues when importing broken builds of panel (see #440)
  • Fixed random behavior of pyvista.CylinderStructured (see #442)
  • Fixed issues when copying pyvista.MultiBlock datasets
  • Fixed an issue when parsing VTK errors as Python warnings
  • Fixed major issues with volume rendering (see #464 and #497)
  • Fixed memory leak from plotter not being cleared (#484)
  • Fixed issue when saving PLY meshes (see #489)

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