Using the source files directly

To use the source files directly:

Using the VM

If you do not want to set up your machine to use the artifact, you can decide to use our preconfigured virtual machine prophecy.ova.

The VM was tested with VirtualBox 5.2.10; any newer version should also work. You can download VirtualBox for Linux, Solaris, Mac and aslo Windows. The VM needs 8GB of RAM and 4 CPU cores in its default settings, but you can change the VM settings to 4GB of RAM and 2 CPU cores to save resources (and slow down compilation), just make sure to allocate 2GB of RAM per CPU core. When booted, the appliance should log in automatically as the "aec" user. In case that does not work, the password for this account (and for "root" as well) is "aec".

After booting, if you are not using a US keyboard layout, you probably want to configure the correct keyboard layout by double-clicking the corresponding icon on the Desktop, and then choosing the "Layout" tab. Please make sure to remove all but your desired layout from the list; Xfce will otherwise not always pick the right layout.

This appliance comes with our artifact already fully set up and compiled in the Artifact/Iris and Artifact/VeriFast directories on the Desktop.