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jrclogic/SMCDEL: v1.1.0

Malvin Gattinger

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  <dc:creator>Malvin Gattinger</dc:creator>

minimization under bisimulation
dynamic operators in formulas via Data.Dynamic
multipointed models, action models, structures and events
added Cheryl's Birthday and Cheryl's Age examples
experimental functions for epistemic planning (with small examples)
more instances for QuickCheck, more tests
add S5 to K conversion in SMCDEL.Translations.Convert
improvements to the web interface


polymorphic update replaces productUpdate, transform, pubAnnounce etc.
factual change by default: merge Symbolic.S5.Change into Symbolic.S5 etc.
remove changeprops in (Kn)Trf to avoid redundancy with changelaw
move BDD related functions to HasCacBDD (substit, substitSimul)
avoid Data.Map in S5 modules, no longer depend on lens
replace .cabal file with a package.yml for hpack
  <dc:title>jrclogic/SMCDEL: v1.1.0</dc:title>
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