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Zadchow/concurve: Version 2.3.0

Zad R. Chow

Substantial changes since the last version.:

Major changes

  • ggconcurve() is now ggcurve().
  • ggcurve() plots confidence (consonance) distributions, densities, likelihood, and deviance functions.
  • plot_curve() is now deprecated. Please use ggcurve() instead.
  • curve_compare() compares two functions and calculates the area between the curve.
  • plot_compare()allows two separate functions to be plotted and compared simultaneously.
  • curve_table() produces publication-ready tables of relevant statistics.
  • curve_boot() uses bootstrapping to approximate the consonance functions via the boot and bcaboot packages.
  • curve_lik() produces likelihood functions by transforming the objects from the ProfileLikelihood package.
  • Minor changes
  • All functions now provide progress on how long it will take to complete the task.
  • Interval widths are now provided as measures of precision

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