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JianyiCheng/HLS-benchmarks: HLS_Benchmarks_First_Release

Jianyi Cheng

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  <dc:creator>Jianyi Cheng</dc:creator>
  <dc:description>First release of my HLS benchmarks. The benchmarks include:

	gSum sums a number of polynomial results from the array elements that meet the given conditions where the difference between two elements from the arrays is non-negative.
	gSumIf is similar to gSum but the SS function returns one of two polynomial expressions based on the value of the difference.
	sparseMatrixPower performs dot product of two matrices, which skips the operation when the weight is zero.
	histogram sums various weight onto the corresponding features but also in a sparse form.
	getTanh performs the approximated function tanh(x) onto an array of integers using the CORDIC algorithm and a polynomial function.
	getTanh(double) is similar to getTanh but uses an array of doubles.
	BNNKernel is a small BNN kernel with LUT function as XOR.
  <dc:title>JianyiCheng/HLS-benchmarks: HLS_Benchmarks_First_Release</dc:title>
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